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Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Tall Poppies Club"

A hypothetical club...

Tall Poppies Club

A club for Tall Poppies. People who are tired of keeping our talents hidden. We wish to share them with one another, to learn from one another, to grow with one another, to develop through the vulnerability of visibility.

We are proud of our achievements and wish to share them with others. We acknowledge the virtue of modesty, at the same time that we wish to emphasise the reality of our excellence; not in order to sideline others, but in order to build a community of excellence, and a culture of innovation.

We are tall poppies who refuse to be cut down. Instead, we choose to remain tall, and encourage others to stand tall with us. We aspire to be taller, to become better at our work and our crafts, to share our successes with one another, alongside the lessons we have learned from our mistakes.

As part of Tall Poppies, I will:

- Be proud of my achievements
- Acknowledge the people who have supported me through my work in order to achieve what I have achieved
- Share my achievements with others
- Encourage others to share their achievements with me and with one another
- Commit to nurturing and sustaining a community that is proud of our achievements
- Aspire to continuing a cultural cycle of excellence

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