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Saturday, March 22, 2014

(at least) One blogpost per day

I have decided to set myself a challenge...

To blog one page a day, for the rest of this month...

Even if it is a single sentence, a single phrase, a single word.
It could be a quotation from someone, or a vague sense of an idea.
It could be an image I'm cross-posting off the internet.

Mostly, it is to revisit this blog as an alternative to Facebook, which I've been disconnected from since the beginning of the month, in an attempt to reclaim an intellectual, social, and emotional space that doesn't hinge on the fickle whims of an aggressive newsfeed.

This blogpost per day is an exploration of discipline.
A recognition that "being a writer" is not (only) about moments of extreme genius, when the Muse has visited and blessed me with his presence, motivating me to gush words like libidinal spurts of wishful thinking, inviting praise and celebration.


Rather, I want to connect with writing as a discipline, as a meditation, as itself an invitation to conversation, to dialogue... That all my writing will not only be in discrete, self-contained essays which are complete unto themselves, fully fleshed out and self-knowing. I want to write not only to indicate my knowing, but also as an expression of my unknowing, my undoing, my unknotting, my unfurling.

Perhaps nobody will read this.

Perhaps nobody will care.

And so what? I have not prefigured this blog to be for mass consumption, or accessibility, even as I do not either wish to overly glamourise obscurity at the expense of relationship.

I write because I care, or perhaps because I only want to care, and that may have to be enough.

This will be this for now.

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