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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Why Sense?

Why Sense?
"All is Forgiven"
A fetishistic encounter with the thoughts of Luz
Another white man wins my heart
Martyrs have been created in the wake of terror
Their deaths only make sense, because they had it coming, those
racist imperialist bastards
Why sense? why bother with linearity when
emergence is so much more like a lotus, whose
insipid beauty springs forth from muddy roots, its
calm pond breeds mosquitoes,
blood suckers leeching off of the flesh of serene Buddha, holding
"Je Suis Charlie"
"Je Suis Baga"
"Je Suis Cho"
"Je Suis Mahinda"
"Je Suis Boko Haram"
"Je suis Wikipedia"

Wikipedia est génial
Google Translate helps me lose sight of the essential "otherness" of the Other, that
which keeps them incomprehensible,
and hence, that which
keeps them worth loving,
or otherwise ignoring.

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