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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Free Writing

Wrote this at RISE

Free Writing

Writing is free, they say
So I pay to hear this again
I pay to remind myself of how
I am already free.

Free before I pay for any thing
Free before anything is paid for
Free before anything is priced beyond my grasp.

Then, I remember also, that:
Nothing comes for free. I hear
That nothing comes for free, I hear that
We do not own this beautiful planet, we
Merely borrow it from our children...

This planet cannot be paid for, as
This planet has already been paid for

And this planet has been made for
those who write ourselves free.

Made for those of us who write, despite never knowing
if anyone will read what we have written,
Despite never knowing
if anyone will understand our voice,
This planet has been made for those of us who write because
We have no other choice.

I write because
I have no other choice,
but to be free.

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