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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

crystals break

freedom comes from ordinary moments suffused with awareness of their ephemerality
life is but a dream, i was told
i row, row, rowed a boat down gently down a sullen stream.

All possibilities are exhausted,
Thy will be done!

breath in, breath out... all hearts will be ablaze
at the sight of Him.
He. My Father, Lord and Savior.
My Mistress, Lady, Landlord
My Guard, my Protector, my Ejaculator
My Phallus, my Philistine introspections
my arms are spread out wide palms up
ready to Receive.

Buddha sat under a tree
while it dried and drizzled all around him, season to season
til he Awoke,
and then he walked and rested for the rest of his life.


"I want to make a Difference!"
"My simply being here already makes a Difference"
"I am the Difference I want to see in the World!"
"I hate being an Other."


One day, it was brighter than the land could understand,
so it brought drought and this was what it was about.

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