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Friday, April 4, 2014


I am a False Revolutionist,
A False Prophet.
Don't listen to me.
Every word I utter is a lie.

I cannot deny who I truly am, which is my utter Fallacious character.
I am an insult to injury,
I am salt in wounds,
I am the Arrogant God who Fell,
I am the Hell that awaits my mortal self.

I am ok.
I am ok.
I am a baby, a teardrop, a pearl.
A puddle, a poodle, a prince or a girl.

I am a football fan, I am her super hot, aggressively heterosexual, beer guzzling, bushy-bearded boyfriend.
I am his open heart and his tenderness,
I am asleep, once more.

You were with me when we were together,
I was with you when we were together
We were together when we were with one another.
This much is true.

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