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Sunday, March 15, 2015

critical mass

critical mass, let's say, of queer Muslims, making websites, let's say
of hybridised "Asian-'Western'" identities doing politik, perhaps
of bicycles storming roads, demanding justice for all killed by dooring,
victims of dominant ignorance and of otherwise poor social, cultural, political and urban infrastructures,
critical masses making meaning through amassing critical unity,
radical coalition in the service of egalitarianism, in service of
"The People"
"The Marginal"
"The Otherwise Forgotten";
let's say, of progressive revisions, underway
obligatory ordinariness, making accessible not only
the fruits of liberty to those who may not yet have tasted it fully,
but also of
the ordinary victories of progressive radicalism
without the ugly cancer of fundamentalist extremism, with its own
myopias and tyrannies... "someone must always get hurt": how do I render this also essentially untruthful?

critical masses, let's say, of migrants of colour and indigenous nations in solidarity,
in solidary response to global Euro-/American- and (increasingly) Sino-hegemony,
of working classes linking arms reclaiming management of work,
all and so on and et cetera and ad infinitum

one world, critically amassing;
this is intentional,
not inevitable justice

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