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Sunday, March 15, 2015



To bring about growth through the desire to emulate desirable qualities. True admiration, if pure, brings joy.

Competition, then Jealousy, then Envy. (=wants to do as well as, then better than the admired one, to possess, then wants them to do worse than oneself at any cost, even if destroys what is desired.) Criticism and sabotage (in thought, speech or action) of the one envied, and self-criticism and self-hatred. ('Cassio and Othello' stance in life.)

...envy is a very poisonous combination of anger at the admired one, fear of one's own inadequacy, and grief at the loss of supremacy.

Forgiveness of self and other(s). Remembrance that one does oneself have the capacity to emulate the quality admired, as a latent potential in one's own Higher Unconscious. The decision to develop that quality in one's life. Gratitude and restoration of self-love.

Qualities of the Higher Self [or one's own latent potential] seeking expression - Acceptance of oneself as one is at present without condemnation, even though one can see where improvements can be made. Unconditional Love. And the development of precisely the qualities perceived and admired in the other from within one's own self.

- from "Health, Joy, Love and Forgiveness", by the Psychosynthesis Foundation of Australia Inc.

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