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Sunday, June 1, 2014


Utopia is a documentary by John Pilger exposing how Aboriginal Australians have been targeted for genocide, and the hideous, ongoing machinations of racist, genocidal colonisation in this country.

"In other Western countries, indigenous people still suffer. But unlike Australia, historical treaties have been signed that begin to recognise their right to self-determination. Australia is the only developed country repeatedly condemned for the abuse of its indigenous people. Now and then, Australian governments talk of Reconciliation, an acceptable idea that hasn't built decent homes or got rid of blindness in children, and malnutrition and Dickensian diseases. It hasn't stopped young people suiciding and it hasn't stopped a land grab that began more than two centuries ago. 

Like Apartheid South Africa, reconciliation is not possible without justice, and this will only happen when the first Australians are offered a genuine treaty that shares this rich country, its land, its resources and opportunities. The benefit then will be mutual. But until we give back their nationhood, we can never claim our own."

- John Pilger, speaking to all non-indigenous people who occupy the stolen lands of Australia

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