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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cleanliness, Ungodliness

Tonight, I'm feeling inspired by tidiness,
sublime Clean; not out of aversion to dirt or chaos, but in just the calm apprehension of Tidy, or perhaps Tidiness as the space that apprehends Me.

That in a spacious room, where everything has its place, the space becomes numinous, alive, breathing, saturated with pure potential... all is as it is, not Right nor Wrong, but just waiting, for the right Event to make itself known, for it to take root and sprout some joviality or debauchery or just present as spaciousness, roominess, for a meditation practice.

Meditation as liberation, from attachments to the past or strange anxieties about the future, meditation as the present moment expressing itself through me (which is not other than itself), the sense of calm, clarity, attentional rest, witness and embodiment both as well as neither, humility, compassion, assertive service to the arising of all phenomena.

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