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Sunday, January 2, 2011

postglobal manifesto (version 0.1)

in the tradition of art movement manifestos, but with the intent to more broadly transform tradition.

the making of culture is an activity that has so far survived the liberations and catastrophes of globalization.

questions about the meaning of cultural origins are relevant because the irreversible interaction of the world’s peoples is spreading, deepening, and perhaps poised to develop into a globally connected culture, the character of which we are now determining.

do we defend and preserve our origins? do we exchange origins? do we give them up?

new creators of culture must face tradition and identity from the holarchic perspective of our epoch, the anthropocene: we have already co-created a physical and spiritual condition on the planetary scale.

we engage this rapidly changing condition by creating culture in synergy with technology.

basic materials (sound, word, image, narrative, etc.) are free to interact without taboo, passing through the unbroken lines of canonical cultural identities (national, generational, ethnic, etc.).

cultural frames of reference cannot be assumed, but a basis for communication is necessary.

the integrity of established cultural origins is not necessarily at stake, but is also not necessarily protected or morally defensible.

we must take the moral position of addressing all people as the new origins.

a collaborative document. version 0.1, 02011-01-01.

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